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Category: conversion optimization


Bigfoot Crane


Pohl Strategic’s previous website build for this tower crane and underhook accessory company needed an overhaul to attain an aggressive growth strategy and incorporate new products and services. The challenge? Grow sales through the products and specialized services highlighted on the website, and provide superior accessibility for the customer by reducing click and load times.


By eliminating unnecessary categorization and highlighting top selling products, we were able to identify the navigational priorities of the website. We introduced product grouping, relying heavily on visual cues for the mega-menu navigation, which allows users to make only 1-2 clicks to reach a majority of pages on their website. Our decision to utilize a responsive grid layout on the main product pages deftly prioritizes critical information and the Call to Action.


The optimized user experience allowed more website visitors to find what they were looking for, faster. This is evidenced in year-over-year lead and sales gains that enables Bigfoot to leave a considerable “footprint” (groan) in this industry, providing “legendary service” for their customers.

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