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Howie’s Roofing


Howie’s mobile-friendly roofing website was bringing in solid leads, but team growth and expanded service offerings were not being showcased. Though Howie is still the brand and face of the company, the new talent and skill set required someone to bring an overhaul and redesign to the site. Having built two previous versions of Howie’s website in the past decade, Pohl Strategic was honoured to be chosen for the new iteration.


The plan was to keep to a single-page scrolling site, built to appropriately adapt to any screen size and device including widescreen, tablet and mobile. Howie’s construction-yellow visuals were to remain, freshened up with new photos and layouts. Working collaboratively with Howie’s brother-in-law Mark, Namesake Writing was employed to bring clarity and a continued approachability to his brand.


Howie’s eye-catching “from the roof” Instagram photo gallery shows current projects, and the addition of a new residential and commercial gallery demonstrates the full range of his teams’ abilities. Akismet spam filtering and a captcha to his quote submission form ensures that Howie spends less time perusing junk mail so he can get to what’s important. Because that’s “Howie do it”!

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