Continuing a Legacy: The Wiebe Industrial and Pohl Strategic Transition

Leadership Transition

As of August 1, 2023, my company, Pohl Strategic Marketing, acquired the accounts and marketing team of Wiebe Industrial Services, a company that belongs to my good friend and long-time colleague, Gerry Wiebe.

In some ways, this transition is happening so naturally and efficiently due to the camaraderie and trust that has developed between Gerry and me over several years of working together in marketing. It is prompted by Gerry’s recent decision to enter semi-retirement and to pass on his clients to trusted co-workers—a team that he himself built and developed in partnership with Pohl Strategic Marketing.

Wiebe’s Legacy

It is my intent—and the intent of the team—to continue Gerry’s legacy of gritty marketing that effectively serves the needs of valued clients. Gerry set high standards for strong strategic marketing that was based solidly on metrics. He also has a unique ability to relate well to executive leadership, to speak candidly and to walk closely with those who are providing the highest level of leadership to their companies. Gerry believes strongly in the value of empowering leadership and in the importance of building a well-supported, caring team.

These are all values that Gerry shared with me and with our team, and so it is fitting that we are in a position now to carry Gerry’s legacy forward, passing the torch from Wiebe Industrial to Pohl Strategic.

A New Season for Pohl Strategic

Our shared values and the relational continuity of this transition, have led most of Gerry’s clients to continue with Pohl Strategic. As these clients embrace the transition, they expect the same level of service and support, as well as the same underlying competence and commitment. We have assured them to expect nothing less.

We have a strong team of talented creatives and marketers, and I am excited to continue to develop our capacity and potential. As a company, Pohl Strategic had been mainly focused on web development services, but this transition and acquisition of talent allows us to now offer a full range of traditional and digital marketing services.

We specialize in metric-focused delivery of marketing services through the Active Demand marketing automation suite. We will continue to work primarily with B2B clients in the industrial and construction sectors, although we are willing and able to build into other industries as well. Pohl Strategic will continue to focus on working with those who are committed to seeing people thrive, both within and beyond their organization.

Continued Partnership

Looking to the future, Gerry will continue to serve the Pohl Strategic team in an advisory role (that is, if we can convince him to sacrifice time away from his tractor and wood turning lathe). In all seriousness, Gerry’s strategic and relational insight will remain vitally important in the season ahead.

In past years, Gerry and I developed a digital marketing audit service that in 2021 became Constello Digital Intelligence. Our method of assessment provides businesses with deep and unbiased clarity, insight, and direction for their digital marketing strategies. Beyond this transition, we will continue to work together to grow Constello and provide other businesses with this valuable tool.

For our existing clients, we look forward to serving you as Pohl Strategic in the same spirit as you were served by Wiebe Industrial. For our future clients, we look forward to knowing you and exploring how a partnership can help you reach your potential.


Jason Pohl

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